Task Switcher with Extras



Task switcher application which can speed up usage of your phone or tablet.

You can switch between last used tasks, plus use extra features of application, like switching silent mode of phone, disallowing auto-sleep or copy/paste of your predefined texts.

- Quick and easy task switching
- Flexible usage with many setting possibilities
- Allow/disallow auto-sleep feature (with icon or with notification)
- Two user defined texts to paste to clipboard (with icon or with notification)
- Switch on/off silent mode
- Listing lastly installed applications, with uninstall possibility
- Sizeable icons
- No root requires
- No Ads

- Launch the application – the setup screen will appear. Please take the time to quickly setup the layout/behaviour.
- Press the HOME, or long-press the SEARCH key to start the switching interface.
- Press an application icon to switch to it
- Long-press on an application icon for uninstall
- Select „UTILITY” icons for Extra features.

- Some features are grayed – extended version is coming soon...
- If you switch on displaying the lastly installed applications, it can make displaying slow.
- Some tablets are not consistently re-sizing the application icons.
- As this is the first issue of the application, please send your comments/remarks in email instead of down-rating...

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