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TeXPortal is a TeX/LaTeX compiler app, converting your tex document sources to PDF via the familiar TeX toolchains. It also fixes common TeX problems automatically, automatically installs missing packages just like MiKTeX on Windows platform. For more information, please visit http://lameandroidhero.bitbucket.org/

On Android 4.4 and 5.0, there might be permission problems when compiling files in external SD card.

This free version only provides the most commonly used TeX command, namely pdfLaTeX. Check out our full version for Xe(La)TeX, Lua(La)TeX, ConTeXt, DVIPS, BibTeX, PS2PDF, etc.

Notes: For your safety, TeXPortal Free exits itself whenever it is interrupted (i.e. put to the background) such as when the screen rotates, you press the "Recent apps" button, switch to another app, etc. Therefore, please keep your screen on, lock screen rotation, do not plug in keyboard, etc. when compiling documents.

This app might download additional packages from the web. To save your data plan as well as for the best experience, run the app when you have a stable WIFI connection.

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