Thermodynamic and thermophysical calculator.
Allows you to calculate thermodynamic properties:
- Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Vapour Fraction, Enthalpy, Entropy by Peng-Robinson (1975) EOS
- Liquid density by Yen-Woods eq.
- Heat of evaporation (EOS)
- Cp – heat capacity isobaric (EOS)
- Cv – heat capacity isochoric (EOS)
- sonic speed (EOS)
- adiabatic coefficient (EOS)
Thermophysical properties:
- Thermal conductivity (Stiel-Thodost eq. for gases, polynomial for liquid)
- Viscosity (Jossi-Stiel-Thodost eq. for gases, polynomial for liquid)
- Surface tension (Guggenheim-Katayama)
You can calculate thermodynamic characteristics of some apparatus:
- Heat exchanger
- Isoenthalpic valve
- Polytropic compressor
- Isothermal compressor (multistage)
- Polytropic expander

Extensive macro language (Description:, Samples:
JavaScript support:

You can save calculations on disk in html format.

Available elements for calculations:
methane, ethane, propane, i-butane, n-butane, n-pentane, i-pentane, n-hexane, n-heptane, n-octane, R134a, R11, R12, R13, R21, R22, R23, R507, nitrogen, ammonia, oxygen, argon, xenon, neon, H2O, acetone, F6S.
You can edit the elements or create a new element.

Integrated calculator with plotter -
Can solve a system of non-linear equations. More information here:

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