Time Calculator




    The calculation of time of 24 hours in operation Wheel.
    You can specify the amount of time to be excluded from the calculation.
    Settings screen, you can represent a minute, 15 minutes, a 30-minute increments, the results of the computation.
    The unit is 0.25 in 15 minutes for 15 minutes
    The unit is 0.5 in 30 minutes for 30 minutes
    Then converted to.
    In the configuration screen, in 15 minutes or 30 minutes, truncation, and the calculation results, or you can specify the revaluation.
    15 minutes, 30 minutes, the default is to truncate.

    How to use
    Main screen after startup is to perform calculations screen.
    The results are displayed below.
    Open the list to be excluded from the calculation of the time by tapping the upper right icon on the main screen.
    To open the setting screen by tapping the upper left icon on the main screen.

    The correspondence OS versions are more than Android 2.3

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