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Time Monitor 2.0 is the long time expected update for the popular time tracking app. This version is more flexible, easier and has many new features. For new manual, please visit the developer website.

Simple time tracking with check widget
anytime good survey with the info widget (Pro Version)
fast access to the current day with the day widget (Pro Version)
all widgets are resizable
clear display of all times
recording of holidays and sickness with date
monthly overview export as text file
monthly overview export as JPeg-, CSV- and PDF file (Pro Version)
import and export of SQLite Database
search days per date
alarm manager for start and end of work and pause
alarm for maximum pause time
12 and 24 hour support

Time Monitor owns a unique time tracking widget. Beacuse of the four button widget, it is nearly impossible to do wrong checks.. You can change Your trackings every time and let the times be calculated automatically or do it by Yourself. With that features, Time Monitor 2.0 can easily fit Your needs.
Also, Time Monitor 2.0 has a better alarm system. You can set alarms for start and end of work and pause, and get noticed by an alarm if Your maximum pause time is reached.

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