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This app is a tourney maker and manager.It's the most complete of its type.
or more info, please read below

Please, check the video tutorial as it shows how the app works.

Please, give feedbacks with suggestions instead of negative feedbacks.

NOTE: about permissions. I've been asked why the app asks for contacts info.
The answer is that this permission is necessary if one user wants to use contacts in tournaments.
No personal pieces of info go out of your phone. Be free to ask about each permission required.

Short instructions follow:
First create (or import from contacts) teams or players as they will be needed in every tournament.
Then create a tournament.
There are three types of tournament you can make : knockout, league (with or without playoff) and friends tourney.
A friends tournament is made of match of 2 teams. Players of these 2 teams could be
every match different. Each match gives 3 point to players if they are in the winning team,
1 point if it's a draw.

You can invite people to register for a tournament or friends match with the Invite function.

When players register a service will get the registrations (see preferences
to change the time settings).
People who receives an invitation can also write and read in the tourney forum (match forum for friends tourney)

In knockout and league you should add teams to the tourney and then create matches.
Then when matches are played you may update scores.
In knockout tourneys, after updating the scores, you can create matches for the next phase.

For friends tourneys, you create a match and then add players to team 1 and 2.
When you compile the scores, the ranking table is automatically compiled.

You may send results and ranking tables to participants by email in csv or tmak format.
Tmak and csv files, can be opened with this app.

Note: Tmak files are placed in a /sdcard/tmaker folder but can be opened
with a click if they are email attachments.

This app is still on version 1.2. It's been accurately tested.If you have bugs or problems,
please write an email but don't rate it negatively. Your feedback is very important but negative rates now are bad.

Please contact me for feedbacks,suggestions,bugs,new features.

hidden function : csv reader;

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