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Cheddar is built by and is available for iOS devices and the web. It is an amazing todo list which keeps things simple and is always in sync.

Many todo lists have lots of clutter around creating tasks, adding tags, setting due dates, assigning tasks to people, etc. Cheddar is just text. Type in the box. Press return and done! If you want to tag a task, use a hashtag just like you would on Twitter. You can also use markdown in your tasks for extra awesomeness.

With Cheddar your tasks are everywhere instantly. Everything you do with Cheddar pushes to all of your devices, so your world is always in sync. It is magical to create a task on your Android phone and have it instantly be on you computer without thinking about syncing.

This app is not built by the guys at nothingmagical and is work in progress. In the coming versions I will support more versions of the Android operating system and add the custom push library I've been working on.

If you would like to contributed to the project send a pull request to

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