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Best To Do Tasks app that provides excellent features to manage to do tasks, such as home screen widgets, task count down days, Reminder facility, task categories and also grouping on tasks based on due date.

Google tasks sync enabled.


- Manage unlimited tasks & categories, for Free.
- To Do Tasks with priority(color), Due date, completed status, and description.
- Count down days, for each task, based on due date. (Ex: Due in 5 days, Today, Tomorrow)
- Quick way to add new tasks.
- User friendly screen that groups tasks based on due date, into below groups and tasks count for each group:
* Overdue
* Today
* Uncompleted
* All Completed
- Task Reminder to notify on the specified Date/Time
(or) Repeatedly every specified no. of:
* Minutes
* Hours
* Days
* Weeks
- Task widgets, to pin tasks on the desktop screen. (Free version is limited to 1 task only)
- Task Category, for grouping related tasks.
- Preferences, provide more flexiblity & control over the task listing & direction
- Quick Action Bar for creating new Tasks & Categories.
- Multi-Select Action bar that acts on multiple tasks, Ex: Mark selected as completed or delete.
- Create, Edit, delete of existing tasks, in multiple ways.
- Change the Category of a task.
- Task Categories screen that list all the categories with no. of uncompleted v/s total tasks.

NOTE: This version includes Ad widget.
For more features and ad free app, please buy the 'Pro Version'.

Release: 1.2.3
- Preferences is now in place, so the user can choose to hide/show completed tasks, sort property/direction, etc.
- UI improvements, including new icon for View only Groups (Today's group), polished icon for selecting priority.
- Defect Fixed: Editing a task from the Today's tasks view, used to break its link with its actual group.
- Changed color for None priority, from Dark-Gray to Blue.

Release: 1.2.4
- Defect fix related to the Today's Tasks group icon.

Release: 1.2.5
- Changed 'group' to 'category'
- Flexibility to change task category, only in Paid version.
- More menu options for better usability (Categories, Easy upgrade)

Release: 1.2.6
- Minor UI arrangement fix, in Task details screen.

Release: 1.3.0
- Introduced Reminder facility for each task, which notifies on the specified Date/Time.
- One time reminder.
- Repetitive reminder that notifies repetitively on the interval specified.
- Changed date format to include day,
Ex: Tue, 1 Sep 2011 [earlier it was 01-Sep-2011]

Release: 1.3.1
- Enhancement: Repetitive reminder's Next occurrence will now be updated automatically.

Release: 1.4.0
- Introduced All To Do Tasks screen that list all the tasks, from all the categories.
- Task count down days, based on due date.
- Faster task entry, that is now supported in all the categories.
- You may now delete a task from task details screen.
- UI enhancement for improved usage.

Release 1.4.1:
- Usability improvements.
- Also when a task is marked completed, reminders will be disabled.

Release 1.5.0:
- Task widgets is introduced, to pin a task on the home screen.
- Usability improvements and defect fixes.

Release 2.0.2:
- Brand New User interface for listing the tasks.
- Expandable List that group tasks based on the due date into Overdue, Today, Uncompleted, Completed groups (with respective tasks count).
- Simplified Task Categories screen that list all the categories with no. of uncompleted v/s total tasks.
- Simplified preferences screen.
- Defect fixes related to task listing.

Release 3.0.1:
- Google Task sync (as promised)
- Tasks with no due date.
- New Due date dialog
- list showing due date, instead of count down days (default)

Release 3.0.3:
- Defect Fixes.
- Fixed Start up error, for android versions older than 2.3.3
- Renamed 'Category' to 'Tasklist'
- Due date can be set, while creating tasks using quick action bar.

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