Top Browser



- Read the news while navigating
- Read your facebook feed while talking
- surf the web without having to switch screens!
- Enables MultyWindow (a.k.a: "multi window", "multi screens")

Top browser is the best web-browser for the multi-tasker it gives you all that and more!
it's a revolutionary tiny browser that floats in a window staying always on top!
more floating apps (mini apps) comming soon!
great for tablets a must for multitasking!
you can minimize it or close it when done.
the window is resizeable and very easy to use!

This is not a widget!
Floating window (like in windows OS)
you can minimize it or close it when done!

Bugs, ideas and support? please contact
for fast and caring service.

Special offer:
Get all the 'always on top' float (floating) windows app family for a special price now!
That's 4 utility apps in 1.
you get:
1. Top Player- music player that stays on top. skip songs while navigating, driving, texting and more...
2. Top Notes- floating notes that always stay visible so you don't get a chance to forget
3. Top Browser- read the news and surf your favorite website WHILE doing other thins on your tablet / phone
4. Top Cam- never look for the camera widget/app again. the camera icon stays on top everything you do. ready to snap a photo when you are!

Search "Top Package" on Google Play to get all Top apps