Total Station Survey



This Apps helps Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers to measure survey data by connecting to a total station using bluetooth or a usb-serial adapter/converter cable.

It can measure horizontal and vertical angle, slope and horizontal distance and setting horizontal angle on the total station.

Main Feature:
+ Measuring in Horizontal Angle Mode, Horizontal Distance and Slope Distance Mode.
+ Setting of Horizontal Angle Data.
+ Setting of Serial Port Settings.
+ Android 2.3 is available for Bluetooth Connection only.

To Measure:
1. Using Bluetooth.
Select "Connect to Bluetooth Total Station" on the option menu to pair with a bluetooth enable total station. The 'set Horz.Angle' and Measure Buttons will be enable for measurement.
2. Using Usb-Serial Adapter cable.
Connect a USB OTG cable to your android phone/tablet. Then connects a USB-Serial Adapter to the OTG cable. This tool support most USB-Serial Adapter chipset (1. Prolific 2. FTDI). Lastly connects a serial cable from the total station to the Usb-Serial Adapter, this cable is supplied by the total station manufacturer. Select from the option menu 'Connect Usb-Serial Adapter'.

Supported Total Station:
1. Topcon. including Topcon-Sokkia and Topcon-Gowin.
2. Nikon
3. Leica
4. Sokkia SETX
5. Pentax (setting Horz Angle, please use keypad on Pentax total station)

Supported Languages:
1. English.
2. Italian.
3. Spanish.
4. Russian.
5. Chinese (Traditional)

Future Plans:
1. To enable support for more total stations brand. eg. Pentax.
2. More Language Support.

Thank you.

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