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TouchPal Keyboard is both predictive swyping and typing multi-language keyboard

  • Accuracy
  • Prediction
  • Multi-language
  • Swype and type
  • It doesn't learn words from other apps

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"Swype it to me!"

TouchPal Keyboard has come with the aim to surpass Swype keyboard. Although, it uses the same input method, the prediction has been enhanced.

Actually, what we have here is a really complete keyboard. It supports both typing and swyping input, speech-to-text too, multi-language (you have to download language packs) and alternative symbols. What's more, Touchpal Keyboard is high configurable. You can choose keyboard layout (QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ or auto-configuration). You can update dictionaries, enable/disable keypress vibration, sound and popup.

Regarding prediction, it should be said that it's high accurate. In this sense, you can choose from settings "Smart input" how "paternalistic" the prediction should be by: correct mistyping, spellcheck, word prediction... In case that it doesn't recognize a word, you can type it and then tap on "Touch to save". Next time it will be predicted.

TouchPal Keyboard has been developed by CooTek, who has done a great job with it and the amount of language packs for Touchpal Keyboard. The only catch we've noticed is that it doesn't learn words from other resources like Twitter, Facebook, SMS and other apps.

TouchPal is one of the best choices if you like swype input method. There are coming up lots of keyboards with this technology. The added value of Touchpal is the accuracy, the prediction and multi-language supporting. (Almost) must-have app.

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