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Trackit is an activity tracker, an event tracker, a data tracker, a life tracker, a journal, and a notebook. Keep track of anything that happens on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.... like your workouts, your weight, your eating habits, your kids sports scores, hours worked, business expenses, and miles traveled. Just make your own custom label for anything you want and start tracking your data.

Trackit can also be used as a journal or a notebook. Put as much text as you want in your entry, set a time for it if you want, and use the new 'expanded' view to view your entries.

Organize items by labels, and view data in an easy-to-view list sorted by date. Tag a single item with multiple labels, and view data from one or more labels at a time. Discover the power of labels for organizing and viewing your data.

Track your weight (or any other numeric data) and view it on a graph over time. Trackit doesn't restrict you to entering number-only data. As long as you put the number first (ex: '146.2 lbs'), it will graph it.

Share your data entries to text messaging, email, or social networks.

See your most recent items on the main screen, and quickly access your data with label shortcuts.

Backup your data to a SD card, and export all data to a single text file that you can email or add to a file syncing app like Dropbox.

This is the paid version of Trackit Notebook. The only difference between the free and paid versions of Trackit is the removal of ads.

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