Unlock QuickTrack Pro



This is the QuickTrack Pro Unlock Key (License). After you purchase and
install this app, QuickTrack Pro features will be unlocked.

Pro features:
* Ad-free
* Tag support - Allows you to categorize your trackables using tags. Once
you have assigned tag(s) to a trackable, you can then filter the trackable
list by a tag or set of tags. Also, you can create an Android home menu
shortcut to launch the app with a filter already applied for a specific tag
or set of tags.
* Additional customization - Auto accept timeout, user-specified handling
when trackable value entry buttons are long pressed ("Move to next value",
"refresh list", "auto-launch trackable details", etc..)

You also need the free "QuickTrack Free" installed, which is available in the Android
Market, if you do not already have it installed.

QuickTrack checks if this unlock app is installed and unlocks itself.

Note: The Unlock app may appear in your application list, but will disappear
shortly after you run QuickTrack after installing this "Unlock" app.

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