VCut Shortcut



Any shortcut icon management tool that can create a folder shortcut.
Application using tags, contacts, bookmarks, images, videos, music you can manage shortcuts.


- Bookmarks, images, videos, music thumbnail icon is set.
- Applications, bookmarks, images, videos, music can create a shortcut.
- Use the tag can create the folder.
- Shortcut icon for any folder, can create the name.
- Images, video, music can create a shortcut from the Share menu for each tool.
- By tapping an icon long, adding to the shortcut, the tag can be edited.
- By tapping a single icon can also be invoked as a launcher.
- You can view the filter as a launcher shortcut from the notification.
- The contents of the note "/data/data/org.snot.vcut/vcut.db" are stored.
- Backup "/sdcard/org.snot.vcut/vcut.backup" are stored.
- You can add a widget is to install another application.
- The format of the tag [name 1] [name 2] ... has become.
- You can create folders within folders.
- You can use the shortcut you created from other apps. (SwipePad etc.)

You can change the folder that you want to install another app.

Please contact your comments and bug reports.
Thank you for your time.

Version 0.68
When you change the icons, some fixes may not be reflected immediately.
Improve application load.
Fix a bug and not respond when you add a large number of choice.
Changes to be able to adding a shortcut in a row. Would be able to adding a row until you press the Back button.

Version 0.67
Android change the standard tab style.
When you click and delete invalid shortcuts, icons Fixed off.
Delete selected speed.
Faster loading of the bookmark.
Improve internal processing.
Faster loading of applications.
Changed to not show the dialog when reading.

Version 0.69
Fixed Crash when loading and scrolling application vigorous.
Improve internal processing.
When selected, changes to be able to terminate the selection by pressing the back button.
Organize Menu

Version 0.70
Fixed bug when icon was something wrong with the position of the list.
Fixed Crash when switching between tabs during the load application.
Toggle the setting to add other tabs on the Shortcut tab.
View from the Settings tab, set the can hide.

Versoin 0.71
List-style icons to adjust the text size.
Faster startup.
When you use the background wallpaper, Fixed rate becomes amusing.
When the List View to add tags.
When you scroll on the icon Fixed off.

Version 0.72
Add URL to list of Bookmarks.
Add the package name to list the Applications tab.
Improve internal processing.
To be able to change settings in the folder by folder to sort.
To be able to change the folder's view settings per folder.
Add to delete the preferences folder settings.
Return performance by initializing the set when the folder's behavior has become heavier.

Version 0.73
Fixed a bug that is released when you remove the filter.
Improve internal processing.
Scroll to the Settings tab, and add the settings tab, auto-hide.
When you view the tab, you can view by tapping the back button long.
Faster loading of applications.

Version 0.74
When you tap the button on the pager long, fixes are not deselected.
Change the style of the pager buttons.
When loading the app fixes it finished loading process finishes.
Faster loading of applications.
In the case of a special form of application icon Fixed a bug when reading falls.
When you add a shortcut, getting an error Fixed a bug.
Fixed a bug that can lead to errors during startup.

Version 0.75
Resize the Next button.
Added a create menu
Added ability to create a bookmark folder in the Create menu.
Fixed a bug that displayed wrong when you open a folder from the shortcut tab.
Optimization of internal processes.

Tag: Organizer, Shortcuts, Folder

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