VerifyPro is an enterprise grade, visual reporting app that increases workflow efficiency, improves operational quality, and reduces litigation exposure. Media captured with VerifyPro using Evidence As A ServiceTM technology is tamperproof, complete with unalterable time, date, and geo-location stamps, and follows a legal chain of custody to be helpful in legal cases. All of this is automatically encrypted, uploaded, and stored on secure servers, where data can be managed and shared in real time!

    Key Features:
    - Capture all media following a legal chain of custody
    - Add notes and custom fields to media
    - Fill out company standard forms electronically
    - Manage and centralize mobile reports on the cloud
    - Prove authenticity and chain of custody
    - Keep data organized and accessible with an automated filing system
    - Encrypted, secure, and tamperproof
    View complete audit trails

    Completely authenticated mobile data helps eliminate fraud, reduce personal and corporate risk, while proving accountability and transparency.

    Here are just a few ways VERIFYPRO is currently being used:
    - Streamlining operations for faster turnaround
    - Archiving evidence for legal support
    - Proving compliance and use of proactive policies
    - Reporting visual data of work completed in real time
    - Identifying time, place and date of mobile workers
    - Documenting liability transfer, accident damages, theft and fraud

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