VIP Ringer



Developed by:
Dileep Sahu
Pradeep Kumar Paijwar

This app maintain a list of VIP contacts when call comes from these VIP numbers phone will ring/vibrate based on VIP number settings and it will be independent of the Current Phone Profile.

To use the application first Register the phone no.Enable the application and click the Registration button.The registered number should be a mobile number with 10 numerics.After registration the number will be displayed in the list.Now, Go to settings and set the alert mode.Whenever the phone will get a second call from the registered number it will change the mode from silent/vibration to the selected mode in settings. For example, the app is installed in phone A and registration is done for phone no. B so when ever the phone A will receive the second call from phone no. B. The mode of the phone will change from silent/vibration to normal or the selected mode.

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