Volcanic Scientific Calculator



One of the most complete scientific calculator in the Android Market with a built in database of conversion factors,
atomic weights and physical constants.

-Standard operations: *,/,+,-
-Trigonometric Functions: sin,cos,tan,asin,acos,atan
-Hyperbolic functions: sinh,cosh,tanh,asinh,acosh,atanh
-Degree and Radians mode
-Natural and Base 10 logarithm: log, ln, e^x
-Power Functions: x^2,y^x
-Exponential Notation
-Abs,Sign,Floor,Ceil,Round,Min,Max, and Random Number
-X,Y,Z easy to set variables
-Base conversion HEX,DEC,OCT,BIN
-Atomic weight database
-Physical Constants database
-Over 200 conversion factors (Area,Bytes,Density,Energy,Force,Length,Mass,Power,Pressure,Speed,Volume)

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