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Wallet Calendar is a "back to basics" calendar providing a view of all twelve
months of the year on a single screen so that rough planning can easily and
quickly be accomplished. Multiple profiles can be enabled, effectively making multiple calendars easily accessible. The concept is based on the card calendar that a
business provides which fits into the wallet -- hence the name.
NOTE: Wallet Calendar is NOT a wallet or day planner, and does NOT sync with
any other calendars.

Features include:
--Twelve month calendar view
--Six month calendar view
--Three month calendar view
--One month calendar view
--Enable or disable twelve month calendar view
--Enable or disable six month calendar view
--Enable or disable three month calendar view
--Enable or disable one month calendar view
--Swipe to change year one year at a time
--Swipe to change month one month at a time
--Enter a year to display
--Today's date highlighted
--Holidays selected for country
--Holiday listing for selected country
--Full listing of countries and holidays
--Show or hide holidays
--Sunday or Monday starts week
--Display week number
--Entry of special dates for display
--Customize highlight for special dates
--Listing of special dates for a month
--Listing of all special dates
--Listing of special dates by month
--Customize colors
--Multiple profiles

Specific dates for special events (such as birthday, anniversary, graduation,
etc as well as multi day events) can be added to the calendar. The special
events can be listed and edited or deleted easily. Long press on a month lists
special events for that month.

First day of week can be set to either Sunday or Monday (preference setting).

Holidays are displayed in red. Sundays are also displayed in red. The current date is displayed with a highlight color background or rectangular outline (preference setting).
Added special event dates are displayed with shaded background by default (June 14 in screenshots) or with customized highlight.
Sundays, Saturdays, and Holidays display color can be set as a preference.

The country for holidays is a preference setting. Selected country is shown in upper left corner of display. Holidays may be either shown or hidden (preference setting).

Swipe to change the displayed year by one year. A year can be entered
via the keyboard and displayed. The background is changed to blue when
displaying other than the current year.

When enabled, a six, three or one month view can be displayed by tapping a month. Can swipe screen to change the months forward or back when in view. In one month view, tap day to enter a special event. Twelve month view can be disabled. Can set start view.

Use menu key or single tap upper left corner for options menu.

Country holidays that can be displayed are:

New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

(See detailed help file at
http://android.clem-digital.net/WalletCalendar/helpAbout.html )

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