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    Web to Speech reads web pages using text-to-speech. Now you can catch up on light reading of articles, news, blog posts, or learn the basics of things listening to Wikipedia. Using Web to Speech while doing other activities like walking the dog or going to the gym frees up more of your time so you can be more productive, or have more time for leisure.

    Like Pdf-to-Speech, Web to Speech can play in the background like a media player.

    Web to Speech also uses Pdf-to-Speech's find/replace tool. A powerful tool that can be used to fix pronunciation errors, substitute acronyms, and obmit phrases.

    Web to Speech uses intelligent software to separate the content from the rest of the page. This means you only hear the news, the blog, or the wikipedia article without being distracted by unrelated text in the page.

    The text is highlighted on the website.

    The page must be public. Content for which you have to sign in cannot be processed yet.

    There are some known webpages that do not work yet. Among these are and some Non-english articles.

    Websites that have been tested include: ( Use the Desktop Wikipedia version for best results. You can switch to desktop version at the bottom of all Wikipedia pages)
    and many more...

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