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Please report bugs, kindly appreciated!

It is basically a WebDAV File Explorer that aims to provide user an intuitive and easy way to access their remote WebDAV storage.
It gives users an abstraction, where the remote files appear to be stored locally.

The downside is, you have to setup your own WebDAV server, either using Windows built in IIS, or xampp, or others linux alternative.
If u need to access over WAN internet, you will also need a static public IP or setup a dynamic DNS for your server.
But the advantage is, it is much faster than typical cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive) because your own server is much nearer to you, and the upload bandwidth is much higher.
For example, I can open and view a 1MB pdf or picture file almost instantly, but with cloud storages it takes about 10 seconds to download. I can stream 720p video smoothly without any buffering time, it is not possible with public cloud storages (Dropbox, Box)

It also provide media streaming including many formats (avi, mp4, mp3, mkv) as long as suitable media player are installed. (moboplayer and diceplayer recommended)

It also provide an Remote Download Manager add-on
The server client can be downloaded in (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/18371015/Remote%20Downloader%20Add-on.rar)
[How to use?]
[For Android 2.3 and below = Long click a link in browser and click share link, then choose this app]
[For Android 4.0 and above = click any downloadable link in browser and choose this app]
Currently only Basic authentication is supported.

I also recommended user to install network monitor mini to monitor real time data usage. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.kfsoft.android.TrafficIndicator)

This is my first release, please kindly report any bugs and I will try to fix it.

How to setup WebDAV in Windows IIS7?
You can also setup WebDAV using apache or Xampp, or in Linux system.

Thanks for support.

Known bugs:

Old updates
-Added retry once if the WebDAV error
-Improved copy/move method
-Multiple profile should be working now
-Some minor improvements here and there
-Improved cache compare, but not working in Galaxy nexus due to Android bug with no SDcard

-Fix bugs
-SSL support
-Better UI
-Improve caching method
-Add more features

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