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    The WebHub Smarticon app gives you instant access to is amazing because it lets you find, create and share collections of links to great websites on any topic.

    WebHub also makes surfing from your mobile phone and across your devices fast and easy because you can surf hundreds of the best websites in the collections without typing anything, or even knowing the website name. We call it “one-thumb” surfing, because you can surf across the Web using just one thumb from the hand that is holding your phone!

    WebHub takes all the hard steps out of surfing the Web from your mobile: no typing URls, no remembering URLs! How cool is that? You can surf vast numbers of websites, without typing anything, or even knowing the websites exist or what their domain name is.

    And, you spend less time typing search terms into search engines and sifting through pages of search results on small screens.

    Instead, you get hundreds and hundreds of the best sites of the Web organized in collections by topic, and ready for you and with short descriptions so you know what the sites are and why you want to visit them.

    WebHub also lets you create and share you own unique collections of links to websites on any topic. This means that all the links to all your favorite websites are all organized and available to you instantly from any of your devices. You can add and edit your collections from any device, and they are instantly available from all your other devices, including your phone, regardless of manufacturer or browser. This works much better than using the favorites and bookmarking features on your browser.

    In your private collections, you can also store your usernames and passwords and keep notes about the websites you have visited or about anything else.

    Anything in your private library is instantly accessible from any of your devices, so your personal Web experience is identical across all your devices: all your favorite websites, your usernames/passwords, your notes, etc, There is no need to sync anything, and no need to use the same browser across all your devices.

    You can also create “group” WebHubs, just like a private WebHub, but with multiple users who share it. This can be great for a teacher to create for a class in school or university, to have a single point of Web resources that the class can access. And, you can allow guests to visit a private library who can use it, but not make any changes.

    The Go WebHub app also has a button that takes you straight to our Youtube channel where we have a set of short and easy videos on how to use all the features of WebHub.

    Important Notes:

    1. WebHub relies on tabbed browsing. The more familiar you are with tabbed browsing, the better your experience will be with WebHub.

    2. WebHub respects your privacy. As we explain in our privacy policy, we do NOT do any tracking, profiling or collecting of personal information during or about your usage of WebHub.

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