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iList Apps® - Wedding Registry helps take the stress out of planning your wedding. Instead of creating a separate bridal registry at every store in town, this app lets you quickly create just one registry and share it with your friends and family. Your registry even updates with every item purchased, so there are no more duplicate gifts to return!

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You're getting married. Congratulations! If you're like a lot of people, you've dreamed about your wedding for years, but you had no idea how much work was involved. From finding a venue and picking out invitations to deciding who's sitting with Uncle Frank and Aunt Gertrude at the reception -- there's more stress to wedding planning than most people realize. Even something as simple as picking out your wedding gifts can get complicated in a hurry… but it doesn't have to be that way!

Wedding Registry can eliminate some of that stress before it starts. No, it won't help you decide what to do with Frank and Gerty, but it will take the headache out of creating and sharing your bridal registry. All you have to do is download the app, register a free group account, and go shopping. Wedding Registry will take care of the rest!

Wedding Registry features include:

* A barcode scanner that makes it easy to add any item to your registry from any store!
* Add items directly from ANY website!
* Automatically categorizes entries, so it's easy to find specific items on your registry.
* Picture icons help to avoid mistakes.
* Easily share your registry list with others by using a group ID.
* Add comments to entries, such as “I like this blender best in the color black”.
* The app updates your registry automatically, so it's always current.
* Custom features let you personalize your registry background and display.

Now that you have the Wedding Registry app, there's no need to create a separate bridal registry at every store in town. Just scan the barcode of any item, in any store, and the app adds it to your cloud-based registry. Each entry is sorted and categorized, and includes all of the important information, such as description, price, quantity and store name. Categories include Cookware, Cutlery, Electrics, Bakeware, Glass and Bar, Tabletops, Home Keeping and Bedding and Bath.

If you don't have time to shop, or need to add last minute products to your registry, Wedding Registry is a life-saver! Just place the "Add To Wedding Registry Button" in your browser's Favorites bar (at the top) and you're ready to start adding items directly from any website on the Internet. If you want to make things completely goof-proof, just manually edit items to add comments, like size or color preference, and even add photos, so there are no mistakes at the register!

When your registry is complete, share it with your guests and they're ready to shop. The registry automatically syncs to the website version, so it's easily accessible to everyone in your group account. As items are added or purchased, the list is automatically updated.

Don't forget the invitations! This isn't just a wedding registry app. Enter your names, the date and time and location, and Wedding Registry will create a beautiful, personalized invitation. Use the "Map It" feature, and Google Maps will even get your guests to the wedding safe and sound.

Relieve the stress of planning your wedding. Download Wedding Registry from iList Apps® now and have your new personal assistant take care of your bridal registry for you!

If you have any questions or suggestions please visit our new website and watch a Demo with the app at

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