WHM Client for Android



24.01.2012: Update - many host is supported now!

This mobile application allows you to communicate with the server using a secure SSL connection on port 2087 and fully mirrors your web functions. Make changes on the go, monitor your server’s status, and even reboot the server. App works great with cPanel/WHM 11.x.

♦ Reboot the Server
♦ View Service status

Admin Functions:
♦ Show bandwidth usage
♦ Add, Delete and List IPs
♦ Set hostname
♦ Set resolvers
♦ Reboot Server

Reseller Functions:
♦ List Resellers
♦ View Reseller Account’s Information
♦ Add and Remove Reseller Privileges
♦ Create, Set and List Reseller ACL
♦ Suspend/Unsuspend and Terminate Reseller


♦ Get Account statistics
♦ Limit bandwidth usage
♦ Edit Account quotas
♦ Modify passwords
♦ Add, Delete, Modify and List Accounts
♦ Upgrade/Downgrade Accounts
♦ Suspend/Unsuspend Accounts
♦ List suspended Accounts

Package Functions
♦ Add, Delete, Modify and List Package

DNS Functions
♦ Add and Delete DNS

Server Information
♦ Hostname
♦ Cpanel/WHM Version
♦ Server Load

24.01.2012: Update - many host is supported now!

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