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Simple, comfortable and functional 2-line calculator widget, which is always on your screen. Calculator widget vsklyuchaet of:
4 sizes (2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5);
5 colors:
- White;
- Black;
- Pink;
- Yellow;
- Blue.
Adjusting transparency (3 levels + opaque);
Haptic feedback buttons;
Choose the amount of rounding;
Built-in log (accessed by pressing the main screen), you can:
-Edit and add comments;
-Copy the results to the clipboard;
-Send the results via E-mail.
As well as a number of engineering functions such as:
- Cosine cos (hyperbolic cosh);
- Sine sin (hyperbolic sinh);
- Tangent tan (hyperbolic tanh);
- The square of x ^ 2 (the number of degrees in the x ^ y);
- Square root √ x (root of the number of y √ x);
- N! (Factorial);
- Log log (natural ln);
- Constants Pi and e
All comments and suggestions please send to E-MAIL, I would really appreciate. Consider any criticism and suggestions for improvement.

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