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View your current day Google AdSense™ statistics data on your Android™ smartphone.

It's easy to set up it. Just a few steps to your widget on your home screen. I don't want to replace Google AdSense or move it to your smartphone. This is a add-on to Google AdSense tool.

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME FOR ANY QUESTION OR REPORT BUGS. If it doesn't work on your device please let me know.

Due to the limitation of the Android platform, widgets will NOT be available if widget is moved to SD card.


To protect your credentials, this widget is using account manager to get account and permission to AdSense account. You must just confirm permission to this application and that's it! It's possible to have more than one Google Account. One for Android and one for AdSense.

Number of widget is not limited. Widget has low memory requirements and communication with server. Loaded data are shared between widget instances. There is no unnecessary contact the server for each widget.

To save space and widget optimalization, just 1x1 and 2x1 widget was selected. 2x1 widget displays the following metrics: earnings for current day, yesterday, month to day and percent diff for today/yesterday. Tap on account name for manual refresh and for more details tap on middle widget part.

When widget loading data the text "Loading data..." is displayed. Sometimes widget looses connection when loading. This is time to show message "Loading interrupted. Android is offline ...". And when data are not available you get message "No data for current day!". The previous day is closed after 45 minutes after PST midnight.

You can set up data synchronization interval for WIFI and mobile connection on preference screen.
Don't worry about battery, widget goes to sleep mode, when screen is off, so no any data synchronization performed.

Don't forget. The next day starts at 12:00AM pacific standard time (PST), current statistic is empty and you see just zero values. This is because nobody request ads for your site for current day and could take up to 15 minutes to show data for a new day.

To be contact with us you can follow us on Twitter @cakebakeryeu
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