X-pointer3 is a powerful application which realizing a mobile presentation.

This application, as well as a presentation remote control, convenient access to a computer is available. Recording function to record the presentation of, and key values ​​can be changed at will ‘Magic Key’ by supporting a variety of programs can be remotely controlled.

* Basic Support for PPT Program
- PowerPoint
- Keynote

* Features
- Laser pointing by using XPS110
- PPT presentation mode using the remote control of the program
- App available with full presentation and mouse control.
- Multi-touch (mouse mode), Scroll down.
- Recording Function
- The key value can be changed by ‘Magic Key Program’

* To use this application, buy XPS110 products and must be registered, X-pointer Server program (for Windows / Mac), you need install on your computer.
* Download path : www.choistec.com>>>Support>>>Download>>>X-pointer Server

* Notice
- When playing back a recording file XPS110 After separation from the device use.
- XPS110 installed in the unit will not output the key tone.

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