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YouNameIt is an application that helps you give your personal touch to SMS
messages sent to multiple recipients.

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The application allows one to integrate SMS message fields such as first name and last
name. YouNameIt brings the data from the contact details
phone book and substitutes them in the selected fields before sending. Thus, each
recipient receives the message as customized for him or her.
Using this application saves time and is very comfortable and friendly.

Instead of "Happy New Year! All the best… Edward", write "Happy New Year [first_name]! All the best… [signature]" (you don’t need to actually write the fields, just pick them from the menu), Choose the recipients and let YouNameIt do all the rest… Your friend John will get the message "Happy New Year John! All the best… Edward", Tina will at the same time get a personal message as follows "Happy New Year Tina! All the best… Edward". And so on… all, in one click. Just stroke the field to the right place in the message and the application will bring the figure shown for the phone number. To prevent errors YouNameIt will show you the text message to each individual recipient before the sending phase. At this point you can also edit any personal messages and change them from the version intended for all recipients.

Sample other uses:
"hello [first_name] [last_name], Remember, training takes place at 9:30 today as planned. Sincerely, [signature]".

Key features:
Ability to embed in an easy and friendly way to the following, listed in the phone contacts, within the SMS message:
First name
Last name
* Add a personal signature and include it in messages
* Selecting multiple recipients from address list of the phone book on your mobile device.
* View and update message before sending, at this point you can make changes, and further adjustments to the recipient/s specification/s.

Terms of service
The application enters the contact details to the message as they appear in the user's personal phone. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that these details do not contain information that may harm the recipient of the message. Also, the user must ensure that the notification uses the recipient’s appropriate gender. In any case the application will not be liable for any error, misunderstanding, hurt and anguish resulting from the content of messages sent.
The application displays a status indicator to send messages. This indicator is at the level of recommendation only because it relies on the services available from mobile networks and is not under the responsibility of the application. The application shall not be responsible for errors, misunderstandings, hurt and anguish arising from presenting the state of the sending of the messages.
To send messages, use the application YouNameit with the mechanism of a standard SMS phone where it is installed. Importantly, the charge for sending messages is in accordance with the rate determined by the cellular operator and the user. YouNameIt application has no effect on this rate. It is also important to note that the message sent to multiple recipients will be charged by the mobile operator according to the rate for each recipient of the same message and YouNameit application has no control or responsibility for it.

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