Zombie Alarm Clock LITE



Imagine yourself, peacefully sleeping, and then suddenly you hear a loud noise. You open your eyes and the first thing you see is a zombie coming straight at you, about to make you its next meal!

That would wake you up pretty quick, wouldn't it? Well Zombie Alarm Clock is an app that will simulate that feeling every morning!

With 3 unique zombie sound effects to choose from, this alarm clock will make it much easier to wake up for work, school or anything else you need to wake up for!

Not only is there over 3 different sounds to choose from, but when the alarm starts, your devices screen will start flashing a scary zombie scene as well. Which adds to the feeling that a zombie is coming right at you and its time to wake up!

Zombie Alarm Clock LITE also includes an awesome widget feature as well! Which put a scary zombie scene on your screen, along with the current time!

Zombie Alarm Clock LITE comes with these awesome features!

- 3 Different zombie sound effects
- 1 Flashing zombie scenes
- Awesome widget feature
- Set multiple alarms for any, or all days of the week

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