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Do you have a million things to do and don't know how to manage your time? Are your to-do list hanging around everywhere and you end up doing nothing because you can't seem to be in control of the loads of work to do? If you answered yes, then you landed on the right App page!

Zoum Tasks is the solution. It is a simple to do list and time management application, designed with a beautiful look and feel, while having all the functionality of any time management app. It's much more efficient than the traditional paper and pen because it's not only personalized, but also comes with the options of marking your tasks as delegated, most important and urgent, which gives you an overview of your most important tasks and makes prioritizing a piece of cake. Try it out and you'll be amazed how much easier it is to get those loads of tasks done!

With Zoum Tasks you can:

☆ Create different categories
☆ Add and categorize to do list items
☆ Mark tasks Complete/incomplete
☆ Create fast checklists
☆ Share your List of tasks
☆ Add due date to the tasks
☆ Add priorities to your tasks by the famous time management matrix(Urgent - Important - Both Urgent and important)
☆ Fast access a list of tasks through android shortcuts
☆ Sort item by date/priority/completed
☆ Quickly add tasks to your to-do lists using a fancy widget

Zoum Tasks gives you the benefit of simply having a to do list without all the hassle of pen and paper.

If you like the application please rate it, If you want to suggest any features contact me directly on my email mentioned below.

Older Versions Changelog:
Version 3.1
☆ New user interface, and new app icon
☆ New Import and export functions for use between multiple devices
☆ Import tasks directly from any file manager by opening the backup file
☆ Collapse/Expand All functionality in the all tasks view
☆ Ability to run as a window in a multi window devices (Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII)
☆ Quick add notes in the category view
☆ Better Sharing abilities
☆ Multi select for batch modifications
☆ Sorting categories alphabetically

Version 2.6
☆ Adjusted App Icon
☆ App widget was redesigned to be more beautiful
☆ The Task Editor was redesigned to be more usable
☆ Now you can add description to tasks, that also shows on the task list

Version 2.5
☆ Amazing new UI design
☆ App Widget
☆ Possibility to add multiple tasks from the same screen

Version 2.1
☆ Support IceCream Sandwich
☆ Sorting features added to Tablets
☆ Auto-capitalize new tasks and categories

In next versions:
☆ Notifications
☆ Synchronization with Google Tasks
☆ Please suggest features to add

The External Storage read and write permissions are needed for importing and exporting to external storage

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