Zyncro MX 2.0



    App for Android phone that lets you access your corporate social network from your mobile device in real time. With this app, you can:

    - Keep track of the latest events in your organization
    - Post and read personal status updates, corporate feeds...
    - Access and communicate with your work groups
    - Access all your corporate documents and upload photos in real time
    - Access to the activity stream of departments
    - View your list of internal and external contacts
    - View your profile

    What’s more, you’ll receive instant notifications of updates if desired: new messages or comments posted; files added, updated or deleted; new contacts added or removed.

    Respond to your customers, collaborate with partners, manage your company’s documents and projects, and keep track of the latest events in your organization at any time, from anywhere.

    Now with Zyncro, you can manage whatever is going on in your organization while on the move with a single tap. Because your company doesn’t disappear when you leave the office...

    If you still haven’t got a Zyncro corporate account, register at and try it out for free! Get instant access to the contents of your corporate social network from the web and from your Android phone.

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