10 Animal Short Stories

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    This app features Tidel's entire collection of short animal stories. These beautifully illustrated e-books include animal characters, great story lines, and soothing narration. The tales help both children and adults learn respect, good values, ethics, morals, and good behavior.
    The stories included in this are:

    1. Foolish Lion and the clever rabbit
    2. Monkey and the Crocodile
    3. Elephant and the sparrow
    4. Blue Jackal
    5. Heron and the crab
    6. The bird with two necks
    7. Crow and the snake
    8. Geese and the tortoise
    9. Heron, shake and mongoose
    10. The story of the Monkey

    Click on "Read to Me" to have the application read the book, with the pages turning automatically. To read it manually, click on "I Will Read." Users can turn the pages by swiping the screen left or right with a finger.

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