20 Short Moral Stories



This is Tidel's entire collection of short moral stories. These beautifully illustrated stories use animals, great story lines, and a sweet voice to inspire children and adults to learn respect, good values, ethics, morals, and good behavior.

The stories included in this book are:

1. The Fox and the Grapes
2. A lesson from the Frog Tale
3. The Thirsty Crow
4. The Ant and the Grasshopper
5. The Fox who got Caught in the Tree
6. A Merchant & His Donkey
7. The Farmer and the Stork
8. The Ant and the Dove
9. The Monkey and the Dolphin
10. Cats and Rooster
11. The boy who cried wolf
12. The Fox and the Stork
13. The Hare and the Tortoise
14. Don't Change the World
15. The Clever Boy
16. The Devoted Mother
17. The Milkmaid
18. The Boy and the Apple Tree
19. Huge lump of gold
20. Strong minded snake

Click on "Read to me" to let the application read the book with page turns automatically. To read it manually click on "I will read". User can turn page by page by swiping the picture left or right. Adults and kids can easily record their voice to personalize the presentation.

- Classic stories in e-book form
- Audio narration and text included
- Customizable reading options

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