3Ph Cheat Sheet IEC Electrical

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    This Electrical Wiring Tool, the 3 Phase Cheat Sheet for most of Europe, is based on the International EC Electrotechnical Commission and shows:
    - IEC color wiring charts for AC electric
    - old 3 phase groupings in Brown/Black electrical wiring
    - new 3 phase groupings in Brown/Black/Grey electrical wiring

    The 3 Phase Cheat Sheet gives electricians a quick and easy color coded reference chart for wiring breaker panels in compliance with Europe's IEC regulations. The charts included cover old and new color wiring charts for 3Phase AC Electric. This reference chart will save you time when pulling multiple electrical circuits, and separates odd and even numbers by color and grouping.

    Made for Electricians, this wiring tool will save time, brain cells, and get it right without doing the math. This helpful tool maps out odd & even numbers and A B C groupings for old Brown/Black colors and has an additional chart with the same groupings for the new Brown/Black/Grey.