6 Kalma of Islam



6 Kalma of Islam is a Smartphone application that provides Muslims throughout the world an opportunity to recite, learn and memorize the essential six Kalimas in the Religion of Peace. It offers Audio Recitation and Translation of the interpretation of these necessary Islamic themes.

Some of the most distinguished attributes of this mobile phone app are:
• Highly comprehensible functions along with spectacular User Interface.
• Easy switching between Kalmas through upper Left and Right Moving Buttons on screen.
• Name of each Kalma is provided in addition to its literal meaning.
• Play and Pause options are available starting and stopping the recital.
• Transliteration facet assists in right way of enunciating Kalmas in Arabic.
• Translation choice helps in understanding the connotation of each Islamic Kalma in both English and Urdu.
• Share choice lets the user to distribute this greatly helpful app using different sharing options.

Download this without charge and easy to use Smartphone application of 6 Kalma of Islam to recite and learn by heart the indispensable Kalimas of Islamic faith.

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