A Beggar in Capernaum.(sample)



「A Beggar in Capernaum / Ben Patrick Eden」
Welcome to Capernaum, a shimmering city at the edge of Galilee. Raf can show you around. Sure, his legs don’t work and he smells of animal droppings, but for a few coins he’ll point out all the best deals. He can be found near the market, along with a mishmash of beggars. There’s Garon, an ox of a man afflicted with blindness. And Sagi, the short-tempered leper. The young woman is Gilia, a newcomer to begging since her husband cast her to the street.?Raf knows everyone worth knowing, maybe even the prophet lurking inside the city walls. They say this man can forgive sins and heal the sick, but Raf knows a good con when he hears one. He’s something of a con himself?not that he’d admit it. If asked, Raf would gaze at the city’s streets and say he is simply a beggar . . .??