Acquire An Honest Attorney



Finding the right lawyer can be a painful experience. A lot of people go into the lawyer searching process with a bad attitude about the profession and end up hiring someone who is not even qualified for the job. This just won’t do for your business.

Businesses have to have good legal representation. And no, when you’re being sued is not a great time to go and look for a lawyer. This book will show you how to find an attorney before you run into legal affairs so that your company will obtain accurate and appropriate counseling year-round.

In this book, i learn about :

> Why A Lawyer?
> What Type Of Lawyer Do I Need?
> Where to Look For an Attorney
> What to Look for In an Attorney
> Interviewing Potential Attorneys
> Developing a Working Relationship
> It’s Time to See a Specialist
> Doing Your Own Footwork
> Saving Money on an Attorney
> Information Resources