Across Asia on a Bicycle



What an incredible story these young men had to tell!

The book picks up with the Asia part of their journey and while reading their accounts of the people and places they saw I was transported back to a time when all travel was "adventure" travel.

This book is for cyclists and non-cyclists alike and is compelling reading - giving a world view and pre-World War perspective on the people of the middle and far east.

In 1890, two American college graduates set out to travel around the world on a then-new invention, the modern bicycle. In 1893 they returned, have covered over 15,000 miles, at that time the "longest continuous land journey ever made around the world." This is their account their trip across Turkey, Persia, Turkestan and northern China. It described their adventures traveling along through regions few outsiders ever visited. Out of print over a century, this book is now back in print with additional notes and maps.