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1.4 million words grouped into searchable sets of cognitive synonyms

  • Enormous database of words
  • Intuitive results much better than a standard dictionary
  • Ability to bookmark favorite words
  • Nothing

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"Dictionary 2.0"

For writers and language lovers, the Advanced English & Thesaurus app is head and shoulders better than any standard dictionary. The Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University here organizes words in a way that makes intuitive sense, aiding both in understanding standard meaning and in terms of increasing verbal functionality.

What does this amount to for the user? A standard search for a term will bring up its home page complete with a range of definitions and examples of it used in context - standard dictionary results. The links to related terms are what's really cool - depending on the word, you'll find tappable links to synonyms, antonyms, "similar to...", "related to...", "a value of...", hyponyms (a word or phrase whose semantic field is included within that of another word, like red:color), and hypernyms (the reverse of hyponym).

For example, I looked up the term boogie. I get that it's "related to..." the term boogie-woogie, its hypernym is dance, and it's "similar to..." trip the light fantastic. Groovy indeed.

You can add bookmarks to terms that truly tickle your fancy, check out the word of the day, and keep track of the last 50 words in your search history.

The only complaint I have is that the word bank lacks the term "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis," which I suppose is mildly forgivable given how handy the app is overall.

Mobile Systems, Inc.'s Advanced English & Thesaurus app is a huge boon for anyone with a love for the English language, or who wondered how we might go about building a better dictionary.

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Oct 11, 2013

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