Adventures of Tom Soyera



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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer are a going out in 1876 novel of Mark Twain about the adventures of boy, growing in a small town on American South. The action of novel takes place to Civil war in the USA, state of Missouri.
Due to a tense subject and brilliant humour this book hot is a favourite the readers of the whole world.

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Tom Soyer is an energetic, witty, enterprising boy of twelve-year age, orphan, which is educated by an aunt Polly, sister of his late mother. Greater part of adventures about which it is told in this book, taken from life: one-two outlived by me, other by boys, going together with me to school. Gek Finn is written-off from nature, Tom Soyer also, but not from one original — he is combination of lines, taken for three boys.
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