Adwords Profits



Affiliate Marketing – Is the use by a Web site that sells products of other Web sites, called affiliates, to help market the products. A system of advertising in which site A agrees to feature buttons from site B, and site A gets a percentage of any sales generated for site B.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – An advertising system where an advertiser pays an agreed amount for each click delivered to his or her site from a link or listing keyed to a specific search term, area of a site or even a banner.

Google AdWords – A Pay Per Click (PPC) program of advertising on Google. The ads appear on the right hand side of the Google Search page on keywords / key phrases that you choose.

Cost Per Click – Is the amount you pay per click-through of an advertisement.

Click Through Rate – Is simply the percentage that users click on your ad. For example, if 100 users saw your ad, and 2 people clicked your ad to visit your website, your click-through rate would be 2% (2/100).

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