Ainkurunooru - Ainkurunooru is a classical Tamil poetic work containing five hundred short poems, and is part of Ettuthokai, an anthology of Sangam literature. The poems in this book were written by five authors and were compiled by Kudalur Kizhar at the behest of Chera King Yanaikkatcey Mantaran Ceral Irumporai.

The work is divided into five sections, each with its own author:

Marutam - 100 poems on jealous quarrelling, by Orampokiyar
Neytal - 100 poems on lamenting the lover's absence, by Ammuvanar
Kurinci - 100 poems on union of lovers, by Kapilar
Palai - 100 poems on separation, by Otalanraiyar
Mullai - 100 poems on patient waiting for the lover's return, by Peyanar