Ainkurunuru a classical Tamil poetic work containing five hundred short poems, and is part of Ettuthokai, an anthology of Sangam literature. The poems in this book were written by five authors and were compiled by Kudalur Kizhar at the behest of Chera King Yanaikkatcey Mantaran Ceral Irumporai.

This book comes under the Agam (subjective) category in its subject matter. Ancient Tamil poems was categorised into the broad categories of Agam - subjective, dealing with matters of the heart and human emotions, and Puram - objective, dealing with the tangibles of life such as war, politics, wealth, etc. The poems of this anthology are of the Akaval meter.
These poems deal with the various aspects of the courtship between the hero and the heroine. The poems are set in various landscapes Thinai depending on the mood of the poem. The poem shown as the example in this article is of the Kurinci thinai (mountainous region). The subject matter of the poem deals with the hero speaking about his union with his lover.

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