Akbar and Birbal Stories



Birbal was the Grand Vizier of the Mughal court in the administration of the Mughal emperor Akbar. He one of his most trusted members along with being a part of Akbar's inner council of nine advisors, known as the navaratna, meaning nine jewels. Birbal's duties in Akbar's court were mostly military and administrative, but he was also a very close friend of the emperor, who appreciated Birbal for his wit and wisdom, often involving humorous exchanges. These and other stories have become part of a rich tradition of Indian folklore and legend. The following stories are included in this book: 1. Akbar and Birbal 2. Birbal meeting with Akbar 3. The Tailor and Birbal 4. Birbal and the thief 5. The crooked Camel's Neck 6. Empress in the garden 7. The loyal Gardener 8. Birbal visit to heaven 9. Four Fools 10. The Artist and Birbal Click on "Read to me" to let the application read the book with page turns automatically. To read it manually click on "I will read".

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