Akransas State Law/Statutes



This app displays all the state codes / Statutes for Akransas state from United States

Following Laws / Titles are covered completely under this app

Alcoholic Beverages
Business and Commercial Law
Criminal Offenses
Environmental Law
Family Law
General Assembly
Labor and Industrial Relations
Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, ...
Libraries, Archives, And Cultural Resou...
Local Government
Natural Resources and Economic Developm...
Practice, Procedure, And Courts
Professions, Occupations, and Businesse...
Public Finance
Public Health And Welfare
Public Officers and Employees
Public Property
Public Utilities and Regulated Industri...
Retirement And Pensions
State Government
Wills, Estates, and Fiduciary Relations

It will be displayed in following order

1) Titles
2) Chapters for the selected title
3) Sections for the selected chapters
4) Details for the Section along with Right and left arrow key to navigate forward and backward

5) More details button if detail is still not compeltely displayed in one shot

User can search also using the title (partial search text is also allowed, for ex. if you want to search "banking" but still you can provide "bank" or "ban" or "bankin" as a search text and it will pull all the relevant data from the app).

Nice app and very user friendly view for the common users also.

Every law practitioner must have this app.