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    Quran e Kareem, A true book from Allah. Every Muslim should listen and recite Koran. Complete Audio of Al-Quran Kareem (114 Surah) with nice and famous reciters from the world. Beautiful Arabic font and Turkish Translation of Coran.

    Complete Quran recitation in voices of six famous Qari/Reciters from the World.

    Easy and fast Surah Index List with Surah details like Para, Total Ayah, Ruku and Juz etc. Also described the Maki/Madni category.

    Compact version which works online. It downloads the data from server automatically in your SD card and saves for the next time use.

    Recite and Learn the Quran anywhere and everywhere. Quran is a true Islamic book for moslems.

    Key Features of this App:
    * Change Arabic/Translation Text Size
    * Unlimited Bookmarking
    * Change Text/Background Colours
    * Easy and fast Surah Index List
    * Surah details like Para, Maki/Madni, Total Ayah, Ruku etc.
    * Option to view only Arabic or with Translation
    * Many other customization options.

    Verse by verse synchronised recitation audio in voice of 8 Qari:
    1- Ahmed Al Ajmi
    2- Ali Al-Hothaify
    3- Maher Moeqali
    4- Misheri_Rashid
    5- Mohammad Ayoub
    6- Saad Al-Ghamdi
    7- Sheikh_Minshawi
    8- Sheikh Sudais

    Al Quran in your own Language!

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