Alice in Wonderland.

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    Fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" - one of the favorite books of many generations of children and adults. Put it on the play, filmed movies. Her quote, link to it and the physics of linguists, mathematicians and psychologists, linguists and philosophers. About her written hundreds of articles and studies that are being built more and more new hypotheses about the hidden meaning of the work. Running away from home, Alice saw a large old apple tree white rabbit, dressed in a jacket and vest. Pulling out his watch, the Rabbit hastily disappeared in suspicious dark hole. Courage, Alice stepped behind him ... and fell into a wonderful fairy-tale world where dreams come very unrealistic fantasy. To get back home, Alice must travel through all the strange and bizarre world in which it was absolutely incredible adventures await, and quite fantastic creatures ... Welcome to the world's best fairy tales!

    This audiobook is in Russian.

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