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    Marco Denny has international fame as a hot male model, good friends, more money than he'll ever be able to spend, and a loving fifteen year relationship with the man of his dreams. The only problem is time. Though thirty-five year old Marco is still at the top of his game, he's crossing into middle age and he's not sure how to handle growing older in a youth-oriented industry. When twenty-year-old Yves Marisano shows up outside his dressing room one night, Marco has no idea that all of his fears about aging are about to come true.
    Sexy young Yves is shy, polite, and humble. Marco Denny is his idol and there's nothing he won't do to please him. When Yves tells Marco a sob story about his difficult past, Marco feels sorry for him and gives him a job as his personal assistant.
    Yves is not only smarter than he looks, but also more ambitious than he's willing to admit. While Marco is busy with his career and his life, Yves is watching Marco's every move. Yves studies him closely, from the way he walks to the way he eats his food.
    At first Marco is flattered. But after a few unusual events he starts to question Yves' motives. And when Marco's good friends and his life partner don't believe there's anything wrong with Yves, Marco's entire world turns upside down. For the first time in his charmed life, he stands to lose everything...

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