American Christmas



The History Of American Christmas And Its Traditions =>

The Christmas Tree , Hanging Stockings , Christmas Cards , Carolling, Santa Claus , Christmas Gift List , Egg Nog , The Yule Log , Christmas Dress Up , Christmas Jokes , christmas karaoke , christmas bowling , christmas dozer , christmas vacation , christmas budget & lots more happens on christmas

Do you know where these traditions came from? Are you someone that believes they've simply "always existed" and is something we, as a Nation have always done every year around December 24th ? Or do you believe that we simply "created" them ourselves ?


=> Christmas: Where It All Began

=> What is a Christmas tradition ?

=> Where did amrican christmas traditions come from ?

=> The christmas tree

=> The Yule Log

=> Christmas Caroling

=> The Candy Cane

=> Santa Claus

=> The poinsettia

=> Christmas Hidden Objects

=> & Lots More ...

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