AM/FM Find Radio Stations



Locates radio stations physically nearby, does NOT play audio.

Find and Map AM/FM radio stations that carry your favorite radio programs. View stations physically nearby (using GPS) to tune in to via a separate AM/FM radio. Filter for certain radio programs to keep listening via a car's stereo on long road trips!

* Find the station carrying your show as you drive across the states, or after arriving in a new area on a trip.
* Filter by genre to find a station with a format you want to tune in to.
* Query by address, callsign, AM/FM band or frequency.

BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
ESPN Sports Network
Fox News
Fox Sports
NPR - National Public Radio
PRI - Public Radio International

Car Talk
Coast to Coast AM
Dave Ramsey
Delilah After Dark
Dennis Miller
Ed Schultz
Glenn Beck
Hugh Hewitt
Jason Lewis
Laura Ingraham
Mark Levin
Micheal Medved
Neal Boortz
Rush Limbaugh
Savage Nation
Sean Hannity
Thom Hartmann

Also displays station's website, street address, ERP (power), HAAT (Height Above Average Terrain), calculated field strength values (free-space and FCC's f(50,50)) and other station information.

This radio finder App covers only United States radio stations, so it is only sold in the U.S.

As noted above:
Locates radio stations physically nearby, does NOT play audio. Willing to give a refund if you failed to read that before purchasing, and are unhappy.

If you are happy with this radio finder app I'd appreciate a positive review to help counteract those who didn't even read the first sentence of the description :)

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