Antique Collecting for Profit

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    Antique Collecting: A guide to collecting and identifying antiques for the thrill, the profit and the fun.

    In This Book You Will Discover:

    -How to collect and identify antiques for thrill, profit and fun.

    -How to identify and find beautiful pieced of antique furniture.

    -How to identify an antique table and where to find one to purchase.

    -Facts about different antique desks including secretary desks and rolltop desks plus how to identify them.

    -Why collecting antique books is so popular plus how to determine the worth of antiques books and how to keep them in good condition.

    -The different ways that antique china is identified, checked for imperfections and turned for a profit.

    -You will also learn about: antique jewelery, antique shops and stores

    -You will learn everything there is to know about antiquing even if your interest is antique cars or general antique automobiles, you will be able to use this information.

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